Mileva Marić Einstein


While just about everyone has heard of Albert Einstein, very few are aware of the scientific contributions of his first wife, Mileva Marić Einstein. A trained physicist like him, Mileva, despite being highly talented, was denied a degree and could not work as a physicist. By today's standards, she would be seen as his full-fledge collaborator and would have shared some of the fame he received alone. Mileva Marić was a highly talented scientist who was denied having her chance at a scientific career due to the historical context and her personal circumstances.  She collaborated  with Albert Einstein during his most productive years. Find out more about this extraordinary physicist in my book or through the various ressources listed below.

Short article:

The forgotten life of Einstein's first wife

              by Pauline Gagnon. Article published in Scientific American

Complete biography: 
Mileva Marić Einstein: Life with Albert Einstein
              by Radmila Milentijević. In this excellent biography, Professor Milentijević reviews extensive documents to draw a complete picture and compelling story about Mileva Marić. Not to be missed.

ABC Radio broadcast:

Who was Einstein's first Wife?

             Excellent investigation by Natascha Mitchell from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Part 1 - aired on 13 April 2019

Part 2 - aired on 20 April 2019

The tragic destiny of Mileva Maric Einstein
              Talk I gave at Fermilab  on 3 November 2017. Duration: 1h:33 min

Short interview:

Interview given to BBC World on 21 November 2018 

           Click on the arrow at the top left corner. This 8 min interview starts at 4:46 minutes. 

Albert Einstein - Mileva Marić: The love letters
              edited by Jürgen Renn and Robert Schumann. A collection of 43 letters exchanged                 between Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić between 1896 and 1903 showing 
              clearly how they were collaborating.
In Albert's shadow - the life and letters of Mileva Marić, Einstein's first wife 
         by Milan Popović. A collection of letters Mileva Marić wrote to her friend Helene                  Kauffler Savić throughout her life.
Historical papers presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1990.
         Evan Harris Walker:   Ms Einstein
         Senta Trömel-Plötz:    Mileva Einstein-Marić: The Woman Who Did Einstein's Mathematics
          Lewis Pyenson:                 Einstein's Natural Daughter
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